• Lost - Tony Ann Piano Cover

  • The Middle - Tony Ann Piano Cover

  • Sickboy - Tony Ann Piano Cover

  • 2016 Grammy Mashup

  • The Hills - The Swoons Cover

  • In The Lonely Hour Mashup - The Swoons Cover



From late songwriting sessions in their apartments outside Berklee to countless hours of production in the studio, “The Swoons” have developed and tailored their skills to creating the best records possible with the tools available. Their influences and passion for writing, composing, and producing for multiple genres of music have brought them together to form the ultimate powerhouse. The Swoons consists of members Matt Underwood, Tony Ann and Giacomo Timbrello, who hail from London, Toronto and LA respectively. The Swoons are currently based in LA and have worked with various local artists aside. The Swoons are currently in the midst of releasing singles from their debut EP “Lost”, which is a unique blend of electronic dance music and pop due Spring 2018.


With a knack for lyric writing and love for the world of songs, Matt Underwood has an appreciation and understanding for creating a journey in his craft. Matt grew up with records of Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd that helped shape his musical understanding and the relationship between melody and lyrics. Matt continued his studies of music throughout his teenager years whilst at school, picking up both the guitar and piano as well as an interest in both production and arranging following his role as musical director on a number of shows throughout school. Matt pursued his love for music further attending Berklee in Boston where he met both Tony and Giacomo. Studying the tools of songwriting and production over the course of 3 years Matt refined his skills as a musical creator, moving to LA to get stuck in with like minded musicians in the music community there.


Ever since he grew up, Giacomo has always been propelled by his curiosity for understanding sound. It wasn’t until Giacomo heard the works of Skrillex and Daft Punk, that he decided to dive into the world of producing. Giacomo has since become fluent in understanding various DAW’s such as Ableton Live, Protools, Reason, Logic Pro X, and so on. Giacomo enjoys playing various instruments such as guitar, piano, drums, synths, bass, etc. Giacomo’s hunger for musical knowledge allows him to achieve any production task at hand.


Tony Ann’s heart was set on pursuing classical music the moment he listened to Beethoven. Tony began lessons at the age of twelve, putting in hours upon hours of practice to refine the technique and composition skills he has today. After seeing the impact that pop music has on today’s culture, Tony decided to arrange his own cover of Billboard songs. His arrangements on piano strikes a chord with his fans today. One day, Tony submitted a cover of Roses to The Chainsmokers. This cover convinced The Chainsmokers that his talent was a key-ingredient to their Spring 2017 North American arena tour “Memories: Do Not Open”. During the tour, Tony co-wrote the latest single “Sick Boy” which end up being on the Billboard Hot 100.